From the love of traditions, from the ancient local flavours
and from
 the passion of high quality natural products we have created Zikilia.

Sicily is a wonderful land rich in colors, scents and intense flavors to discover every day.

Let's join the passion for authentic flavors of ancient Sicilian recipes , creating real masterpieces of taste.
We only select craftsmen and excellent ingredients that can best express the qualities of Sicilian territory.

We strive every day to offer organic, healthy and certified products, in full respect of tradition.



Traditions for us are important and must be preserved.
The love for the territory pushes us to defend the Made in Sicily healthy and authentic.

That's why we can not make mistakes: we only market products that fully respect ancient craftsmanship methods and traditional Sicilian recipes handed down from generation to generation.


It distinguishes us with raw materials of first choice , scrupulously selected in the territory.
All raw materials come exclusively from certified organic farming .

We only choose Made in Sicily products with passion and attention to detail.


The production is faithful to Sicilian recipes of the past and it is done with the same artisan techniques.

To achieve our high quality products, the handling of ingredients is minimized , preserving the organoleptic properties of the raw materials.

We firmly believe in the simplicity of handmade work with dedication and patience .


The authentic flavor of Zikilia products can not be told. You have to try it!

Enjoying our products is a unique and inimitable gourmet journey .
Our products are not for everyone, but only for those who want the best for their daily nutrition.

Zikilia is a combination of memories and tastes of timeless charm.



Choosing our products means eating healthy and being healthy.
Everything is strictly natural and organic 100% .
We do not add any additives or preservatives of any kind for a healthy diet that is suitable for all ages.

Our certified and highly digestible products contain only simple and genuine ingredients, ideal for vegans, celiac and for those who are suffering from food intolerance .


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