Organic Plum Light Jam

Organic Plum Light Jam

Net weight: 230g


Light Jam (reduced sugars) produced by hand-selected Sicilian Biological Plums. 
100% High quality season fruit from certified organic farming. 
Cook slowly and at low temperatures to avoid altering the organoleptic properties of the ingredients.

Ingredients: organic Plum, honey and lemon. 
Total sugars per 100g of product: 45g

• NO Pectin 
• NO Citric acid 
• NO Ascorbic acid 
• NO Flavors 
• NO Colorants 
• NO Conservatives 
• NO Food Additives 
• NO Gluten 
• NO Allergens.


• Good quantity of fibers (soluble and insoluble); 
• Good vitamin content (C and K); 
• They contain important mineral salts such as Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium.



• Excellent for breakfast or snack on toasted bread or cracked slices; 
• Ideal for preparing low-calorie sweets.

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